Why does codecademy not have anything about VueJs JavaScript framework yet? It has been around for 2 years already? I am using it at work and it is a brilliant framework…


Because there are a thousand good language and framework, and its impossible to teach them all. Codecademy is always trying to release new courses, so who knows what the future will bring


There are tons of different javascript framework/libraries. I guess because it’s impossible to cover all of them? CC got React and Angular… In my opinion overall Javascript course could be more detailed - if you can understand Javascript, then you can learn any framework quite easily on your own.


I guess you are correct and I agree with you that the javascript course on Codecademy could be more extensive. I have completed the first JavaScript course codecademy released when they started out. More exercises on javascript concepts to better equip ourselves to be able to learn frameworks effectively and efficiently. Though my question even though there are tons of frameworks out there why have they chosen React and Angular. How large is the community for React and Angular? VueJs is an up and coming framework though still young.


React community is the biggest front-end community as far as i know. Also - see this. I guess Angular was top at the time CC did the course. React is top right now. I guess Vue was top when CC hadn’t plans for another JS framework course in mind. That’s probably it :slight_smile: