Can we have a course for Vue JS since maybe its the best framework for all applications you would need. thank you


one hand you recommend html & css videos on youtube:

there are many videos on youtube and on google for html css. just start searching

but you do want a vueJS course? vueJS is absolutely not the best framework for all applications, given vueJS scope doesn’t cover this, and because there is no best framework at all. There are different tools for different jobs.

unfortunately, we can add everything users request


you are right about this and yes not perfect framework but looking at most big companies , vue result to be a really big thing. hope fully you will add this course in the future. thank you


do you have prove of this claim? vueJS has tough competition from reactJS (backed by facebook) and angular (backed by google if i am not mistaken)

Also, we analyzed the number of open positions worldwide that require a specific knowledge of a certain framework. As a source, we took and got the following distribution according to more than 60,000 job offers.



i dont know where you get all this stats but im sure you know it that vue is ‘new’ technology and is made by combining best features from both react and angular and its easy to lean. every framework is used ofc for different purposes . vue is growing in job requirements and i assume you know js and js frameworks are still nr 1 in git and web platforms. so if you check it better i hope you will see vue is really something many people will start asking


Most Javascript frameworks are new, so that argument doesn’t hold.

codecademy offers angular and reactJS, which take a huge share in the job market, and still increase in popularity:

its fine to make claims, but please back them up with data.

Given react and angular serve similar purpose, i don’t see a vueJS course coming any time soon. Besides, like you said about html & css in other topic, there are plenty of other resources available as well