=== vs ==


I can't find a general JavaScrip questions thread, so I'm posting here. Later in the course they start using == to compare terms, yet early on they teach you to use ===. What is the reason for this? They have both worked, but is one better to use than the other? If not I'll just use == like most of the languages I know.


they work different, === also compares data type, for example:

2 == "2"

would be true, since both are 2, but:

2 === "2"

would be false, both are 2, but the one is a string, the other a integer. Why in this course they made the switch from 3 equals sings to two? Probably because the sections where written individually from each other. The important bit is to understand the difference


That's weird. Why wouldn't they just use == for everything and if you want to compare to different types, convert the type?


that is exactly what you do here? You compare if the type is also the same, otherwise you also have to make a conversion


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