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Hello, I’m having a problem on vs code, it fails to load the right icon for HTML, all other extensions are working except for HTML and CSS, any help on how I can fix that ? I think the files also are not working

From which extension you want to have the icons? Because the Icon is the standard and it should be a html file overall

Actually I’m working on the " Building Projects with VS Code" and I follow instructions clearly but when I try to load the file on my browser It doesn’t show anything, as if it’s not working

So you want to show your html file in a browser?

Do you have the LiveServer extension installed? Because i cant see the bottom of your screenshot

it should look like this in the bottom right (the “Go Live” button)

No, I guess I don’t have it installed, I’m just trying to follow the course where I copy the relative path of my HTML file and past it to my browser but It doesn’t display any content as it does in the course video

You need the live server extension because your file needs to be hosted to access it with a browser and to apply the changes.

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Alright, because in the course video the instructor didn’t mention anything about the extension, so I don’t know what to do exactly. I have to install the live server extension and how can I use it ?

Maybe it was mentioned in a previous text?
But i guess i had to search this too a couple months back.

Have fun and don’t loose hope. You will learn a ton from now on and it’s okay to not understand it right ahead. Ask people and search google or here. :slight_smile:

Yeah It worked now, thank you so much ! google doesn’t always come handy haha, it just need to be added to the course cause many people get stuck. Thank you !

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