VS Code

What folder should I put a new file in, this:

I’m having trouble selecting a language for a file:

I don’t know how to select a language.

In order to select a proper language you need to name the file with an appropriate extension
(Based on the language (Ex. test.cpp (C++), test.java (Java)))

So once you know what language you want your project to be in, you just put the proper extension when saving it.

As for the folder you can simply create a folder in the Desktop and then press CTRL+K and after CTRL+O and open the folder that you want your project to be in.

Notice how the words “Select a language” are a different colour to most of the rest of that sentence? Click them, you’ll see the language choices on the command pallette.

You can also click where it says “Plain Text” on the status bar, in the bottom right corner.

As to your original question

May I suggest a similar scheme to that employed by the Codecademy learning environment: a folder per project?

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I have to delete a folder first, how do I do it? How do I create a new folder in my file explorer?

I want 3 files that have file extensions:
.py(Python), .cs(C#), .cpp(C++)

Or is this how to delete a folder:
Go to recent press the x?

Then I’d suggest naming the files with those extensions.

Perhaps you could select the folder for deletion, then put it in “bin”. Alternatively, right click (or your alternative), and find the option which says “delete” (or similar).

Look, I created a new folder to put my VS code files in:

I figured out how to create the folder:

then press New Folder.

So is this right:
Create a new folder, in VS Code: press Add Folder To Workspace, create new files in the workspace?

If that’s what you want to do, then I don’t see why it would be wrong.

So how do I actually delete a folder in VS Code?

Have you tried one of my suggestions? Post 5.

I don’t need to delete files now. I think I just want to be able to remove a folder from VS Code, not remove it from my file system.