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I am brand new to coding and barely understand what I’m doing. I have gotten to the point where they want me working in Video Studio Code. I am doing the “create your first HTML/CSS project”. I’m following along with the videos but when I go to add my CSS folder inside the Resources folder it doesn’t look like whats happening in the video. I’ve looked everywhere and cant figure out what I’m doing wrong. Instead of the CSS folder being underneath the resources (like it does in the video) its going beside it. Am I doing something wrong or am I just an idiot and it doesn’t matter?

maybe a UI update by VS code? What if you create another folder inside the resource folder?

judging by:


the nesting of the folders is good :slight_smile:

you can always use the file explorer to verify

Thank you! Thats what I was thinking but just wanted to make sure

Definitely wasn’t that…I’m not sure what I’ve done wrong. The folders I made in VS (resources and pictures) aren’t showing up in my finder.
Technology hates me but I’m trying to learn while I’m stuck at home during quarantine because I’ve always wanted to and I’ve got nothing else to do.

Difficult to help you with this. Maybe you could upload the entire project directory to github, google drive or dropbox? whatever you are comfortable with

there is no other way for me to inspect the folder structure.

Sorry I’m just now replying. I ended up giving up on VS and switched to Atom :rofl:

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