VS Code with Python

Hello, I’ve joined Codecademy a week ago and i’m loving it but i’ve tried to set up my coding space on my desktop too since i’ve only been using the command line in the codecademy website. Now it works but there is a loong blue test everytime i print something that i find extremely distracting. how can i erase it. thank you in advance!

You can’t erase it. But you can install another IDE for Python. If you want a good free IDE I recommend JetBrains PyCharm Community Edition

. It is pretty and comfortable to use. VS Code is good (I used it in past), but to me PyCharm is more comfortable.
To download for free go to https://www.jetbrains.com/pycharm/download/#section=windows and choose Community.
Enjoy Programming.

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Weirdly that actually reminded me that you can send the vs code debug directly to the in-built console (in launch.json) as opposed to a terminal which would avoid showing the lines the terminal uses to run.