VS code vs Atom

Just curious, Why was I introduced to atom when ill be using VS code? Just a little confusing

I’m not sure which course you’re referring to but you can probably use whatever editor you prefer; they can both be extended to fit your purpose.

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I was introduced to Atom prior to starting codecademy. I found it much easier to use but it doesn’t offer the tools, and additional features that VS code does. I think codecademy was offering a choice and/or pointing to the fact that programming provides so many options and it’s part of the learning process to explore and learn whats available to us.

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It’s good to be introduced to different editors. Some people love using Atom for its simplicity and ease of use. I used Atom initially and finally moved to VS Code and love it.


Same here. I went Atom → VSCode

There are Atom themes as well. So if you like the theming Atom does to your code, there is an exact copy (+ some additional) that you can use in VSCode. Plus a bunch of other fun themes.