VS Code picking up errors in C# code?

Hello! I was writing a simple C# program in Microsoft’s VS Code. But as I was trying to build the program to test it so far, but it wouldn’t build because there was 19 errors that appeared that I’m pretty sure aren’t errors. Here is the code:

using System;

        namespace CYOA {

            class Program {

                void start {

                    Console.WriteLine("Hello! Welcome to a CYOA game (Choose your own adventure). You can choose from Aliens, WWII, or Zombie Apocalypse.");
                    Console.WriteLine("Please choose a story from the above");
                    string userInput = Console.ReadLine();
                    Console.WriteLine("You have chosen {userInput}, let the story begin!");


I would appreciate any help!

Try reading the error messages.

I don’t know much about C#, but perhaps the issue is your void start {}. I’ve never seen such a structure before, and I always have a Main method in the main part of my program. Doesn’t VS provide you with boilerplate code already?

The thing is I don’t know much about C# either, as I started learning it about a week ago. Could you tell me what a main method would look like? Also I’m using VS Code, not VS. VS Code is a more basic editor than VS and doesn’t provide code templates.

All the lessons in C# show you the boilerplate code. Just copy one and change the names of stuff if you want. Have you finished the C# course yet? At some point in there you’ll know how to construct the Main method yourself.

OK, that makes sense, I haven’t actually completed the C# course so I might be doing something wrong. Thanks!