VS code and resizing my image

So i’m finally about to start my first HMTL / CSS project and i’m working on it until I ran into a problem i’m not sure how fix. When it comes to styling my page, my image is huge and I also can’t get the header to line up in the center properly. Not sure what im doing wrong. Help ! Im following this CA YouTube walkthrough video with Brenden

Create your first HTML/CSS project - YouTube).

Video im following

I’m not 100% certain, but I think the ID name for the image is case sensitive


Hi, I believe that @student31cs is right, in your HTML the ID for your img is “FrankC” and it should be written as such in your CSS file too or it won’t change anything. And regarding your heading, looking at your screenshot you haven’t styled your h1 at all, so using text-align: center; would resolve that.

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thanks man, im going to go back a little bit and work on it.

thank you ill look into it