VR Startup Company Task #7

Hi there,

I’m stuck at VR Startup Company Task #7.
Extra Practice | Codecademy

Task is: "Each project needs at least 2 developers. How many available project positions are there for developers? Do we have enough developers to fill the needed positions?

We will learn how to do this in the last chapters of this course! Take a look at the hint to get a preview."

I tried this code, but it seamed to be wrong;

SELECT project_name, COUNT(*)
FROM projects AS ‘P’
INNER JOIN employees AS ‘e’
ON p.project_id = e.current_project
WHERE current_project IS NOT NULL
AND position = ‘Developer’
GROUP BY current_project
HAVING COUNT(employee_id)<2;

Hint has this solution, but I really don’t get it. Could somebody explain it in easy way?
SELECT (COUNT() * 2) - (
FROM employees
WHERE current_project IS NOT NULL
AND position = ‘Developer’) AS ‘Count’
FROM projects;