VR Course Help: Textures Won't Load

I am trying to apply my knowledge to a small project on my own. However, none of my load. Textures appear simply as black.
Does anyone know how to fix that? :sob:

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Hey! Did you link your project to the A-Frame website?

<script src="https://aframe.io/releases/1.0.4/aframe.min.js"></script>

either that or try adding a source of light!

I did link my project and I have already tried the source of light. But still nothing.

I believe it might be simply that those functionality are not supported by the browser or something similar? Do you know if I need to download anything? Or if the images extention or size can affect the result?

would you mind sharing your code? Your source of light is ambient, right? Definetly the scene objects can take some time to load, but I’ve got a project which has a 8k image and background audio and it takes about 5 seconds to load!

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hmm one common bug is the file path. you might have to use relative file path like /images/blah.png or …/blah.png


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