Voice to text captioning stinks, could there be a fix?

I notice that a lot of the videos I’m watching seem to be using bad voice to text captioning and there is no way to correct captioning errors, especially incorrect word choices. I’ve seen this on Youtube also. Will it be up to Google to make a feature for this or is this fixable for the site?

Isn’t that an issue on YT’s end? I wonder if it’s correctable via YT settings?

Hey Lisa,

I’m noticing it on both Codecademy and Youtube so I assume it’s a Youtube limitation. But if Youtube had a decent machine learning system they could accept viewer corrections and use it to improve the system.

In an ideal world, that would be great if Google did that! :slight_smile:

I see the same videos listed at Youtube so I think I was right about the using it.
I sent Youtube a suggestion to fix it,

“Youtube’s voice to text translation for captioning often makes word choice mistakes. I recommend you make a machine learning system based on ChatGPT where if someone sees an error they can click a flag button then all the user the highlight the bad word and then have several related choices pop up that they can select, if none of the choices are correct then they can just type in the correct word. This way the AI can improve its learning. ChatGPT has already been trained by humans but this would further refine it.”