Voice-Over Text


I’d like to pitch in a suggestion to take this website to the next level when it comes to learning. Learning in Codecademy is very interactive and that’s what keeps me coming back again and again.

I’ll spend hours on the website because I’m always looking towards increasing my knowledge within the time-frame I have availiable.

After a while of reading lesson after lesson, article after article, exercise after exercise, you start becoming tired and exausted from all the reading.

Codecademy as a website could be taken to the nest level if it implemented Voice-Over Text starting for example from “just lessons” where a bot will read over at the speed defined by the user - so you don’t have to.

It means that users won’t get as tired over time and will be able to make their time in Codecademy more efficiently, because while the bot is reading through the lesson, I could be just checking out the examples, instead of having to read through sometimes large blocks of text.

On top of that, it just turns the website more accessible to people that might be more visually impaired, or that may have some type of pathology where their eyes just get quickly strained over short-periods of time. It could definitely increase the reach of the website and inspire people to use Codecademy over other inferior competitors.

I think voice-over text could truly transform the website and it can only be a fantastic addition.

Think about it.