Vocabulary App - Please suggest courses

Hi everyone! I’d like to develop a vocabulary learning app. I want the app to display a word, which the user then answers in a multiple-choice style format.The app will use SRS to determine the progress of the user. As I am a one-man band, I would probably need to learn front and back end languages. So right now, I know I will need to learn a language to do the following:

  • Query a Database using a multiple choice format
  • Store data for users progress
  • Design the interface

The questions what should be the order I learn the languages and which ones?

if you want a web app:

html & css, for front-end, there is simply no choice there.
(JS for front-end, to make your website more interactive)
any back-end language with database, there are plenty of options here (Java, python, ruby, nodeJS, golang and more)