Visualizing Proteins using D3 and JavaScript

Hi guys!

I’m looking for someone to start a quick webdev / JS project with (approx 3-5 weeks) making a simple 3d protein visualisation tool. I’m thinking of hacking some existing JavaScript (D3/React) code for a 3d force-directed-graph (this guy: Force-Directed Graph / D3 / Observable, and just have a smooth transition between known states instead of using complicated physics to update node positions).

If all goes well, there’s some cool stuff we could go on to do:
Deploy the webpage / code on a server and/or integrate with methods we currently use to make proteins where a structure is continually altered to show how, in real-time, a protein can be made using computers.

This could be quite cool for research, I have experience with manipulating data for proteins and have been coding in python for 4 years so, but only know very basic JavaScript / webdev and D3.

I’m something of a scientist in the field and have been making proteins using Hallucination which uses deep learning to refine random protein structures. There’s not really a good, lightweight, tool to visualise the evolution of a protein during the process, but the project isn’t meant to be too serious - just to learn some webdev, D3, JavaScript, Datavis and possibly have a website under your name with some cool science behind it.

Hmu if you’re interested! I can obvs elaborate on any Q’s on the science / project goals and ideas