Visual Studios Auto Complete

Hello, when I try to use my text editor (Visual Studio), it has this auto complete turn on which some times makes mistakes and I was wondering if anyone knows how to turn this feature off? Or now how to edit the feature where I can have more flexibility when writing my code.

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Are you using the full Visual Studio IDE, or the Visual Studio Code editor?

Full Visual Studio

If you’re using the full version of Visual Studio, then I think what you’re referring to is the Intellisense feature.

You can adjust this by going to Tools > Options > Text editor > [Language] > Intellisense and changing the settings there.

Note: [Language] is a placeholder; if you want to change the settings for C# then the options are in Tools > Options > Text editor > C# > Intellisense.

Visual Studio Code

You can adjust how Visual Studio Code makes suggestions by going to File > Preferences > Settings > Text editor. The options there control things like whether the editor automatically inserts braces, or whether it suggests what you might be looking for based on what you’ve typed.

I think those are the most likely things to be what you’re looking for. :slight_smile:

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Wow! Thanks so much, I really appreciate it.