Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code for C++?

Currently, I’m using both, unsure which is better for C++ (Windows).
Please help me!

I personally prefer VS Code over Visual Studio, but I don’t do too much C++ development. Both can be used for C++ development, and both have their own benefits.

For example, VS Code is very easy to use and has all sorts of extensions that improve the development process (Live Servers, language support without actual installation of the language, and even AI assisted coding).

Visual Studio, however, has builtin support for C++, has an visual XAML editor, and even various mobile emulators for mobile development. (Read more here.)

If you are new to C++ (or coding in general), I would suggest trying out VS Code first. If you are a seasoned C++ dev (or an ambitious one), I think that you should go for Visual Studio for C++.


Thanks for the answer :)!

No problem! I’m happy to help!