Visual Studio for Mac Alternatives. Suggestions?

I’m starting the C# course and got to the part where you download Visual Source. I have a Mac so I need the Mac version. However, Microsoft just announced they will retire the Mac program on Aug 31, 2024.

I was looking for other alternatives since I don’t want to download something that will be obsolete in a year. I’ve seen some suggestions on Jetbrains Rider but wonder if anyone here has experience with other applications.

Any recommendations?

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You could try Visual Studio Code – it is not the same as Visual Studio and is going to still be supported: Visual Studio vs Visual Studio Code – What’s The Difference Between These IDE Code Editors? (

I am using Visual Studio Code on my Mac and here is what Microsoft has to say about Visual Studio versus Visual Studio Code ongoing support:

While the decision has been made to retire Visual Studio for Mac, we remain committed to our developers on Mac and .NET MAUI with alternatives like the C# Dev Kit for Visual Studio Code and other extensions you can use to take advantage of our ongoing investments in .NET development. What’s happening to Visual Studio for Mac - Visual Studio for Mac | Microsoft Learn

I’m using Visual Studio Code for javascript and PHP, right now, and it does syntax highlight my errors. The Free Code Camp article says Visual Studio Code is not a full IDE like Visual Studio. I’m not sure of its limitations because I often run my code outside of the IDE environment using Command-Line Interface CLI instructions. I do this because it prevents me from getting lazy – the frequent interaction with the commands needed to run my php keeps me from forgetting them when it comes time to deploy my code. An IDE will run your C# for you at the click of a green arrow button once you have configured your build and run commands one time. Running your code from the command-line interface CLI is not a requirement if you are using an IDE; it is always an option though. And an important one.