Visual studio for data science

Hello Forum!

i am working for first time python in visual studio. I have used it in the past for other languages and projects. So is there a guide for all the necessaries add-ons that I should install for python - data science related projects? I prefer to do them in visual studio that installing separately python.
For example i have below error for matplotlib, so I found and added it in the add-ons still is not working.
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘matplotlib’

Thank you all!

Are you using Windows or Mac? I’m assuming Windows…

Did you install Python and the matplotlib library in the same environment?

hello Lisa,

i am actually working in both, in desktop-windows, laptop-mac, i have VS in sync for that.
Let’s talk about windows.

I have installed python.
at first Micromamba that helps me view Packages was working but didn’t know the steps to add libraries. Now Micromamba is not working, I found the steps with your help and google’s help so we could assume I am one step back.

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