Visual Studio coding issue

Let me start by stating that I am not a programmer nor have the total knowledge to write any codes. We have a company that has written a new program for our business. Since this program is not a microsoft based program, the Visual Studio program which is being used to write the coding for labels I use for our business daily is having issues. The programmers cannot find a solution for one of labels I use. It is a 2 x 2 label printed on a Zebra GK420D and they cannot find a solution as to why the label will not function correctly. There is something in the coding that is preventing the can shrink from functioning properly. I know that it was working on an older program that was an Access based program. I was referred to you by another company that knows our issue and they do not know a work around. Any ideas? You can also respond via email which is a better way to communicate if possible.

And have you tried a google search
zebra GK420D printer macro code
and finding

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I have sent the information to our developer. Since I do not have access to the coding, I cannot send them the information on where the possible issue is occurring. The text box that is affected cannot process the can shrink function and thus is stuck with either one font size or the other. Since it is not using a Microsoft they are having an issue. I do know how it is supposed to work. Trying to tell a developer that they are wrong is a challenge. I just talked to the developer and they stated that this is not what is happening to our printer issue. They did use the site but it does not have the proper coding to remedy the issue. I think truly they are in over their head and do not know how to properly fix the issue. I will continue to visit other sites and find someone that will have the answer. Thank you for the information.

Are you using a print-server and if so which operating-system is it running on…

If you use such a printer-server
the printer-que should be sending RAW-data to the printer
and the program should send
-1 a setup-sequence for the label
-2 the data to be printed
-3 a reset-sequence to put the printer back in the default state…

We used OpenVMS printer-queues…with COT-printers…

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