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I am right at the very beginning journey and seem to have got stuck already. I have created a folder “HelloWorld” in my drive. Can see the folder in Visual Studio Code and the 4 icons. When I select “new file” and type the following test.html to try to add this to the folder I receive this error message.

Unable to write file ‘e:\CodeAcademyProjects\HelloWorld\test.html’ (NoPermissions (FileSystemError): Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, open ‘e:\CodeAcademyProjects\HelloWorld\test.html’)

what am I doing wrong?

please help a newbie :slight_smile:

From what it looks like, it appears VScode does not have proper permissions to access that file. I don’t know why, and also, welcome to the forums.

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You’d need to check if you as a user have permissions for this folder. It may vary a bit depending on your terminal but ls -la should show you some details. If that’s not something you’ve ever come across before it’s worth looking into file permissions on your system (OS dependent).

If it’s windows there’s a small chance E: drive is listed as the windows recovery drive or something so you may not be able/want to to write there.

thank you for your reply-I will see if I can figure that bit out

spot on thanks
looks like a windows update changed or removed the permissions on the drive-all back working properly now. Thanks for helping out! :slight_smile:

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