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hello please i’m new to programming so i picked web development an now i’m having problems linking my css to html on visual studio code and also adding background-images not like i don’t know how to add a background-image but most time i try it the picture doesn’t show, the file shows error something like this(body {background-image: url("./resources\css folder/lucky.css")}) instead of like this( ./resources\css folder\lucky.css) please i really need assistance, i’m really depressed an frustrated don’t know what to do

There are several useful extensions you can install for VS Code that make working with html and css easier, but if I remember correctly it works with html and css right out the box. Could you post the first 10 lines or so of your code, starting from

<!DOCTYPE html>

and going to the end of your <head></head> section to make sure everything is written okay? It was a lot for me transitioning from Codecademy to VS Code initially and I know first hand mistakes can happen!

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thanks so much i figured it out


Was about to say looks like that url path slash is going the wrong way after ‘resources’
Gotta love a typo . . . . . . .