Visual Studio Code and JavaScript

While starting off in the Full-stack dev course, I reached the “Setting up your Dev environment” module which ends with a " Visual Studio Code and JavaScript" article, giving some advanced setting tips.
The problem is, that I didn’t go through the JavaScript module yet, so more than half of the article is out of reach for me, because it’s using JS concepts. Until this step, everything was clear and I could understand everything. I went back and forth to see whether I missed a step somewhere, but I didn’t.

Is understanding this step vital for understanding further modules or I can just go along (I managed to answer somehow the quiz at the end :cold_sweat:) ? Thank you.

You can happily install and run vs code as is; configuration by and large is just making things easier for yourself. Probably worth earmarking the article for future reading though. I’ve not done the full-stack course but I doubt you’d have to pause and learn javascript just for this.

If you just wanted the basics of working with vs code then the intro guide is always a good shout-

Thank you TigerTim. I’ll proceed and just find out, I guess.