Virtual ENV basic question

I’ve just finished watching the Virtual Env video and it was great. I have a question:

Suppose I created a new folder, installed pipenv in it and installed some modules I wanted to use. Great. But now I will start writing code, so I use the terminal to create a new file in this folder called

My question is, using my text editor can I import now all my modules inside this new file (my_project) normally because it is in the folder where I installed pipenv? I understood that using my terminal as my python editor I need to first use shell and than call python3 to start writting code, but if I’m in this new file (my project) is it necessary to use shell?


more likely you started a text editor from your terminal, and nothing’s stopping you from doing the same thing with your other editor if it for some reason wants access to the environment and they’re not picking up on it on their own