Vim codeacademy

Do you guys plan on having vim be a part of codeacademy?

Vim excersizes, and / or making vim available as a text editor within codeacademy?

Nope, there are no such plans. Why?


I’ve grown accustomed to vim, to the point where using it saves time when inputting text.

It would be awesome to be able to use it while working on exercises here.

Hypothetically speaking, if implementing vim text editor into codeacademy as a text editor where to be in the works, I wounder what the best way of going about doing so would be…

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Well, you can just code the exercises in VIM, then copy paste it into codecademy, and voila

its not that simple, the codecademy editor is an IDE. Vim is a very powerful text-editor, implementing VIM would be very difficult


Great suggestion and great point.

What is languages are this site written in?
Are there any frameworks in use for this site?

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what is Vim and IDE ?

you shouldn’t have revived such an old topic, especially not for something that can be found with a little search with google. VIM is a command line text-editor, IDE=integrated developments environment