Views not working


Here's the link to one of the exercises where this is broken:

Basically, whenever you try to go to a view in the built-in browser, it returns a Not Found error. This happens any time I try and navigate to a specific route.

I think this Rails course requires urgent attention. It seems broken in pretty much every way possibly. I really think Codecademy should consider taking it down until they can fix it because trying to learn such a complex framework in a broken dev environment is a really bad idea for beginners.


I have exactly the same, reported it as a bug. No response however.


@zewp Please do the same as @dleijs, and report this as a bug through the form beneath the instructions on the left. Note that Codecademy doesn't respond to bug reports through this form, but they do see them all in their internal bug tracker.

There was a period of time when Codecademy was using https://localhost:8080, so you could try that instead.


Thanx @zystvan, glad to hear someone will look at the bug reports.
About trying 8080, you can actually see the rails server running at port 8000, so 8080 does not work. See screenshot


I'm getting the same error as well, reported as a bug. I'll have to look elsewhere to learn Rails for the time being.


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