View Video In Separate Window should be movable and scalable

Hi, during projects if I go to, Get Unstuck → Project Walkthrough → View Video In Separate Window. Am I able to get this video to perform like Firefox Picture-in-Picture where you are able to drag it to different parts of the screen to move it out of the way and drag corners of the video to re-size it as necessary.

And if not, is that something worth working on? I know I would enjoy this functionality.


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That would be helpful functionality.
The way it works now isn’t very useful. (IMO)

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I don’t know if it helps, but they’re youtube vides. If you click on the name of the vid on screen it’ll open a new tab and take you to the youtube page ( or you can right-click and copy the url ).
Then you can use it separately to your coding page.


True and then one can resize their web browser windows.
I like the idea of having the ability to move the video around on the same screen one is trying to follow along while writing code.

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