Video Source

I don’t know what can be the source of video. Is it the name of video or something else? I have tried to put the name of the video which is in my laptop but I can’t figure it out. Please Help.
Thank you.

its the path + video name, if you put the video and html file in the same directory you can do video_name.mp4 (where this is obviously the name of the video), otherwise you also need to specify path

And how to specify path?

this depends on the location of the file, if its on the same file system as the .html file you could an absolute or relative file path

it could also be that the video is hosted on some website, in that case the path should be the location of the video on the website server.

By the way, I am just practicing here so I just tried to put some video while working on a lesson. That’s how i got confused. Thanks.

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