Video Poker Terminal Game


I took the Terminal Game project parameters for the CS 101 course and made a video poker game complete with ascii displays of the players hand and a snazzy welcome message using a library called pyfiglet.

This project was a challenge to build, and I had to look up a lot of things to get this program working in my terminal the way I’d expect it to. The results were fun, since now I have a quick and easy way to kill some time when I’m bored. I’ve always loved poker and probabilities, so this game became a little bit of a passion project.

The file in the linked repo should run the following game flow:

  • Introduce the user to the game rules and ask them if they’re ready to play
  • Start the player off with 20 coins (initial bankroll)
  • Prompt the player to make a bet
  • Draw an initial hand (with an ascii display of the hand in the terminal)
  • Prompt the player about redrawing any cards in their hand
  • Score the players hand and calculating their update bankroll
  • Prompt the user to continue playing or quit.

I’m sure, since this is the first program I’ve ever built, that there’s a lot of room for improvement (especially visually). But I think this game is off to a nice start. I really appreciate and welcome any feedback on the project, especially suggestions on how to make the code more readable/atomic.