Video Player

  <video controls autostart autoPlay muted src={this.props.src}/>

So I looked through other examples of people having problems having the video play.

I deleted the part where it said autostart autoPlay muted because no one explained any of this code. I thought it was just comments or nameless attributes.

I put the line back in and the video played. Any comments from anyone on why these words are necessary to get the videos to autoPlay. Also, if they are required why no mention of their importance.

Most of them are standard attributes that are available for the <video /> tag in HTML. MDN - The Video Embed element

The attributes are camelCase for React, which is why it’s autoPlay instead of autoplay. muted is also necessary in order for the video to play because Chrome (and probably others) will not allow a video to automatically play if it has audio to prevent a bad user experience. There’s a note about that here: Autoplay guide for media and Web Audio APIs

The mystery for me is autostart though. I checked my project and the videos played fine even though I don’t have that attribute. I see it listed in the hint for that step, so I know where the others got it from, but I didn’t spot any documentation about it with a quick search - just stuff that referenced autoPlay. It also isn’t in camelCase.

interesting, but thanks for the MDN my friend