Video Player nomenclature confusion

In step 3 of this project why is “changeVideo” referred to as a property and not a method or function? I was prepared to write this code in key-value syntax in the constructor, but was caught up on part where the instructions say that “changeVideo” should also take in an argument. I had to peek at the hint. For clarity properties should be properties, and methods should be methods.

Do you have a link to the module you’re referring to?

They do the same thing in step 7 with “handleClick.”

This is the definition of a property from MDN docs:

An object is a collection of properties, and a property is an association between a name (or key ) and a value.

In the exercise you linked, you build a React component as a class based component. Classes have properties. Properties are key-value-pairs. These values can be anything: Strings, numbers, arrays – or methods.