Video or Picture Capturing Java

Hey Guys!
I’ve been curious is to how video cameras are programmed. Are they programmed with RMI related
java code or what is it? If anybody knows what is used post your help.

One certainly cannot say myself, so off we go to the SERPs…

what programming languages are typical in optical devices?

Being at the chipset level one would expect only low level languages employed given the resource limitations. A compiled executable at the least. Java and C could fill this requirement, but to be sure we would need inside knowledge which is likely not within our reach. Proprietary knowledge of that nature would be in the hands of engineers sworn to secrecy.

It’s not unlikely that many hardware devices use machine language directly assembled by a native language they created themselves to protect their intellectual property.

All the above is pure speculation, mind. Without getting inside the box how can we know?

The Script Language in Software from RP Photonics

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