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I'm barely starting the project, I've added the video element and the source element but when i got to add the video link to the source the video downloads to my computer instead... is this what normally happens? i recently got a mac and it might be a preset thing i dunno. does anyone have the same issue?

thank you!

Replace this line with your code.


if you add the URL in the video tags no, its not supposed to download.
But if you go to the link yes it will download


can you show us how you have done this? please post your code


I don't think the problem was my code... it works fine now. the problem was with the instructions. when i would click on the linked text that showed me where to get url source for the video it wouldn't give me the link, it would just automatically download to my computer. & i didn't know if that was normal or not.

<!DOCTYPE html>
  <link href='' rel='stylesheet' type='text/css'>
  <link rel='stylesheet' href='style.css'/>
    <!-- Main section -->
    <div class="main">      
			<video width="100%" height=" 100%" autoplay muted loop>
          <source src="" type="video/mp4">
      <div class="content container">

    <!-- First supporting section -->
    <div class="supporting">
      <div class="container">

    <!-- Feature section -->
    <div class="feature"></div>

    <!-- Second supporting section -->
    <div class="supporting">
      <div class="container">

    <!-- Footer -->
    <div class="footer">
      <div class="container">


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