Video is on permanent mute


is the reason I cannot get the video to sound a coding error?

<video controls height=600px width=400px>





Please post a link to this exercise so we can test your code.


How do I do that? Should I click on the chain-link icon to the right of the Save button at the bottom of the lesson?

I did try that chain link - and it copied my entire source.


I tried to include a link just now - Then get a message:

"Sorry; New users can only post two links in a post."


I did right-click and download the .mp4 file ; then played it in Media Player. Silent. So, I suspect that the mp4 is a silent video.



To paste a link, copy the address in the location bar.



(How does that URL identify it as my project?)


It doesn't. But it lets us access our own, or in this case, to do the project again and try to find the issue you mention.


The mute button seems to be disabled with no way to unmute. There must not be any sound.


That sounds about it! Thanks for the help!



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