Video About Codecademy!

Hello! My name is Val and I’m striving to become a 3d Motion Graphic designer.

I need to create a 3D video for my homework and I decided to choose Codecademy because of YOU, my friend. Yes, I’m talking to you, a future developer! You’re the reason why this service exists, and your hard work and immense effort to be better everyday inspires me. And that’s why I’m asking your opinion about this service, because my 3D video should be addressed to you.

Please answer a few questions in this form:
Or just type below

  1. Why did you choose Codecademy?
  2. What is one main advantage of this service/one main reason it is better than other bootcamps?
  3. What objects (e.g car/processor), colors (e.g. pink), and apps/websites (e.g Facebook/Sublime) reminds you about Codecademy?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to answer these questions! I’ll post the video in 4-5weeks on my Instagram @val.mitr and let you know here!

Code safe :slight_smile:

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