Vi ~/.bash_profile not working on windows?
^Link to vid in question.
In the modules section of Python3 for beginners, the video on pipenv at ± 7.14 says you have to run the
vi ~/.bash_profile and copy a directory to add it to a path. The chap in the tut is on mac and I’m on windows. I’m trying to do this in the mini-conda console (is that correct? should I be using something different?)
This is the error I get;

'vi' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I also get three path errors, where in the video he only gets one. The two that are different from the video are virtualenv.exe, virtualenv-clone.exe

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!

Vi is a command line text editor but you could use another one if you wanted to (any old text editor would arguably do the job). Exactly what are you using as your shell? Is this opening cmd or powershell? If it’s not a bash based emulator then bash-profile won’t be sourced.

Does that mean I could use nano?

Nano would be fine if that’s what you prefer, aye

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