Very slow to load

Sometimes the site is very slow to load.
Especially when you hit RUN to evaluate your code.
Can this be fixed?



actually the same problem
but also it’s always like a lost connection to code academy
I suppose it’s platform problem(

Hi there! All of the sudden I’ve lost connection to Codecademy in the middle of a task at “Introduction to JS” and haven’t been able to connect since. I’m from Poland, working on Windows 10, using Chrome (checked Firefox, doesn’t work as well) and Kaspersky as the antivirus. This is the direct link to the page where the error occured: I will be grateful for any tips. <3 Thank you in advance.

I have been using Codeacademy for a while, and it has always been fast and no bugs. I then stopped for about 2 months and then started again. All the sudden, there were bugs like you guys mentioned and more, like at random moments when you press space bar, it deletes the character in front of your textbar(idk what to call it the blinking line when you type) until you refresh the window. I thought this was just my computer, but I’m glad someone said something. I’m guessing this happened when they added some of the new courses. Wish Codeacademy could do another bug fix.