Very easy problem I need quick help with Noobie :c


player_1 = "seb"
player_2 = "and"
print("player_1: %s \nplayer_2: %s" % player_1, player_2)

It says too few arguments, I think I wrote it incorrectly.
How am I supposed to write it?


It could look like

print ("player 1: %s player 2; %s" & (player_1, player_2))

Hope this helps!


ahh I forgot the "( ) " around: player_1, player_2

[expletive] im stupid :stuck_out_tongue:
thx bud


can u help me, I get the following error:
Cant assign to literal, even though it isnt a int, I am assigning the value to?!


They should be each one in their own line, like this:

sign_1 = "stuff"
sign_2 = "More stuff"


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