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I am very new to programming. In fact, today is my second day and i am confused in this statement. What does this statement means
I am trying to run this code in codecademy and on the eclipse so that i can really understand.
If i create a file 'Mouse' and i get the message create 'Rodentia class'
I am so newbie. Please give me the steps.
Mouse is a file or a class
What is the difference between file and a class.
Do i have to create 2 classes
What does extend mean?
Please explain it to me. I am stuck. Thanks


When asking for something that seems to be very easily available to you, it helps if you explain why that already-available information isn't enough.

Have you tried googling the same question? It sounds like you could grab just about any java tutorial to find your answer.

We would just be repeating the same thing that's already said in all those other places. If those weren't enough, then our answers won't be either. And if our answers would be enough, then they would be too.
The difference is that you get the answer much slower and with more effort from others. It's bad for everyone!


I didn't understand but don't worry. I will figure it out sooner or later. Thanks


I figured it out finally. Thanks


Mouse and Rodentia are classes.
Rodentia is the base class and Mouse is derived from Rodentia, means we are extending Rodentia further to create a class named Mouse. So, now Mouse can have all the methods of Rodentia.
extend is a keyword that tells the compiler that Mouse is extending Rodentia.


Thank you very much! I did research and was able to figure it out.

I got confused since Codecademy showed that big coding page without
explaining what i had asked and i am very new to programming but i did
learn it.

After that rude reply, i didn't even feel like coming back to Codecademy.
Thank you very much Alia.


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