Very Basic Question for Creating HTML & CSS

Just want to start off saying this is probably a dumb question, but I am like brand new to this like (3 days into this…)

I just finished the “How to Make a Website with NameCheap” Course “”.

I want to know which platform to use to create HTML and CSS?

I think they recommend using BootStrap, but I want to practice what I learned from the course from scratch and I understand that BootStrap has templates you can use. Although templates would be helpful, I would rather do it from scratch.

I don’t have the goal to get a domain and all of that extra stuff yet, I just want to get the basics down first.


html and css are just files, so we can create them with a text-editor, we jut give the files the right extension. I would use something suitable for writing code like VSCode.

bootstrap is a css framework, which contains some additional building blocks (lot of css classes) which we can use, but don’t have too. From scratch can also be a valuable learning experience.

Thanks for responding! I’ll check VSCode out. Codecademy never started at the basic level and specified which platform to use to practice coding and it can be really confusing trying to figure out which platform to use!

Yes, it can be very confusing/overwhelming. There are so many layers/abstractions in today’s programming, which can make it difficult to have a clear overview

one important thing you should know, you can just open these html files you create directly in your browser. This speeds up loading time, given the files are read from your hard disk (or ssd), and are not send over the internet

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Thanks for the advice!

There is no such thing as a dumb question!! This community is extremely friendly and very helpful. Many of us are new in the coding world, and that’s exactly what this is for! Keep asking questions!!! :smiley_cat:

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