Very Basic Question About the Definition of Content

#1 (lesson 2/16)

The lesson text does not include images under the definition of content. Are images and videos content in the relevant context? I’m asking because I want to be sure I didn’t misinterpret the lesson as I strongly felt images would be considered content up until a few minutes ago.


Content can be loosely defined as anything the browser can parse out of the HTML, including indexing information in the HEAD.

More generally, though, we are concerned with the browser (user agent) and what it can parse out of the BODY, which includes all media types, plain text, images, video, audio, and other embedded types such as PDF, Java applet, and so on. If the user can see it, (or a screen reader) then it is content.


Thank you mtf. That cleared it up for me nicely.


You’re welcome, though I may have clouded it up in the process.

Content that the user or user agent can parse out is the literal side of the greater content picture. The specs deem everything content owing to its semantics.


Fig. 1 is perfect. Bookmarking that :slight_smile: