Veneer Project - object-orientation: Assigning an explicit object in a method

So in the Veneer Project in the Computer Science career track, we are asked to append an only previously defined object within a method of a separate Class (see code below).

I am wondering whether it is common to use a specific object within a method?

Lets assume someone named his Marketplace differently. The method “sell_artwork” within our Client class would no longer work. Or am I missing something here?

Let me know if the description of my question/uncertainty is clear :stuck_out_tongue:

veneer = Marketplace ()

class Client: 
  def __init__ (self, name, location, is_museum): = name
    self.is_museum = is_museum  
    if self.is_museum: 
      self.location = location
      self.location = "Private Collection"
  def sell_artwork (self, artwork, price):
    if artwork.owner == self: 
      new_listing = Listing (artwork, price, self)