Hey! I’m learning the basis from codecademy for C++ and i passed a lesson with vectors.Well…i saw something weird for me…let s take this code

Could please someone explain me what’s the difference between typing ,std:string, (or any type of data) between and just typing ,string, ? And what does ,std:string, means ? Is it a different thing? (sorry if my english grammar wasn’t that good)

std::vector<std::string> vectorName
not std::cout vector lol. It’s also :: not :
std::string is just the name of a type - the std:: tells you that this type is from the c++ standard library. You might implement your own string class my::string.
std:: tells you exactly which string we are using


Ops… i’ve made some mistakes in typing… :laughing: (i really don’t know how i managed to type cout there lol) Thank you for your reply, it helped me. ^-^