Can someone please explain what is going wrong, and please when you explain please not I am not a smart computer guy like everyone!


Add a space after 'am', as in,

    "Hi, I am " + name


Thank you,it printed but i got this


Oh, if I could just copy and paste instead of have to type it all out... Pictures are cool for letting us see the screen, but nothing says code like raw text from your editor. Please post code.

This line,


follows a return so is unreachable. That line may be removed.

Instruction 4 pretty much sums up the expectation, but is not explicit in how to do this. The author must be testing our comfort zone.

  • Use console.log() to print the output.
  • Call nameString() by passing it your name

Reading the instructions forward and backward gives us a starting point and a next step.

    console.log(nameString("Wee Gillis"));

    // Hi, I am Wee Gillis