VARIABLES: Mathematical Assignment Operators___Wrong Answer Output?


Hello – I’m new and want to be sure I’m learning this correctly:

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Question #3 is asking to use the increment operator to increase the value saved to the assay by 1,
but I keep getting the same output for the saved variable; let assay = 3
From my screen shot, please note I’m writing:


Why isn’t the output reading as 4?



let molecule = 16;
let particle = 18;
let assay = 3;

// Add and assign to molecule below
console.log(molecule += 16);

// Multiply and assign to particle below
console.log(particle *= 6.02);

// Increment assay by 1

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variable++ is a postfix operation. I.e. you are printing the value 3 then incrementing it to 4.
You could use a prefix i.e. ++variable, which would increment it first, then print.
You could do a += 1 instead
Or variable = variable + 1

They all work.
The important take away is understanding post and pre fix


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