Variable not declared: drawName


drawName not declared. there is an error when preview window tries to launch visual. everything else goes fine but this error is not letting me to se the effect of the code that we are working on. if I'm the only one that see this problem let me know, 'cauze this happens during all the lesson.


Are you able to copy/paste the code that you are using?


is the basic code for name bubbles and colors changes but there is a message that tells drawName variable is not declader, the error occures even in the first part where the code is set by default to display "Codecademy" as example of the function, but I can't see anything because of this error. Maybe admins should see this and I repeat, when I click to submit code it get recognized and accepted but not displayed in preview window on the up-right side of the screen (nothing happens even in fullscreen).


And I finished the course already... :stuck_out_tongue:


It is going to be hard to fix if they can't reproduce the problem!

For instance, I am using OS X and Chrome, and this is what I see:


This is a screenshot of the SAME problem. Can't move on - can't do anything.

This is exactly how the lesson comes up - haven't don't anything yet.


Yours is a little different. You have not defined your letterColors array yet. You would have done that in exercise 10. Arrays.


You don't understand - I haven't even had a CHANCE To do anything! The errors shows up IMMEDIATELY when the screen moves to this exercise.


Which exercise is it that is doing this?