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hello, please am receiving error code message
what am i doing wrong?
i want to create a variable and assign it a code


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To create a variable so easy in python

just write name of the variable and assing to it a value

for example:


here x is the name the variable and 5(number) is a value.

more example:


here bob is a string value so you need " " and s is a name of the variable as you know :slight_smile:


In the above example, we create a variable cats and assign it the value of 3.


  1. Create a variable called spam and assign it the value of True.
  2. Create a variable called eggs and assign it the value of False.

Please help me with that... I don't know how to put that.


Remember, you assign values with the = sign, like so:
example_variable = True


Just scroll down the left side window, you will see instructions what to do.


hey i am new in code academy i am 20 mints old so i am getting confused on where to start


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this article will help you to make a good topic

Also see the codecademy courses here


okay thank you but i really dont knw what to do
when i go to that link u gave me


what do you want to know?


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