Variable in modulo variable


I’m on the Arithmetic lesson and it has asked to me too send set product as a multiplication of two numbers.
Then to return the modulo value of the sum of these numbers.

Here is the code which passes the test:
product = 93 * 13
remainder = 1398 % 11

Why or more so, do I achieve the same result by calling on the product variable within the remainder?

remainder = product % 11.

The lesson wouldn’t pass writing this. Is this wrong?


Hi @devwhiz32200. So u asking why they didn’t pass u when u did



Remember to include the URL to the lesson in your post when asking a lesson related question.


Yes. Based on what the previous lessons had taught me, I thought this would be correct syntax?


Yes, it would be the correct syntax except that the interative lessons are graded by a computer. The computer usally is programed to find a pattern in the code or an expected output. In this case, the computer was probaly looking for something like this:
(any variable)=(any int)%(any int).


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