Variable = brian help


stuck on strings and outputs 1, i do as it ask about naming the variable brain and it keeps saying error, fyin i am new to coding

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Hey there @olisyke!

There are a lot of people here, that would be glad to help you out.
But, at the same time, you need to provide us with the link to the exercise and the code you tried using. This will help us in answering your question.

Thanks :slight_smile:


I'm also experiencing this issue.
Here is the link:

I thought it should simply be:

brain = "Hello life!"

However it is throwing errors.
Please help!


Oops, nvm.
The variable must be "brian," not "brain."
(note the spelling)


Hello, Olisyke.

I figured assigning the brian variable to the name and then assigning the "Hello life" to brian will give your the right answer.

name = "brian"
brian = "Hello life!"


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